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ALG Aviation HomeAir Tour Routes

Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 DEFINITIONS. In this Agreement unless the context otherwise requires:


"AIRCRAFT" means any aircraft for the time being operated in connection with any Flight;

"BASE DATE" means the base date stated in the Schedule;

"CARRIAGE" means the transportation by CARRIER of PASSENGERs and/or baggage by air, gratuitously or for hire, and all services of SUPPLIER, which the CUSTOMER has willingly purchased and/or placed into SCHEDULE with SUPPLIER, related directly or indirectly thereto;

"CARRIER" OR "OPERATOR" means the operator of the Aircraft or the entity that is responsible for conducting the operation;

"CHARTER PRICE" means the amount set out in the Schedule;

"CUSTOMER" means any person, individual, and/or entity that has purchased and/or scheduled an EVENT or CARRIAGE;

"DISABLED INDIVIDUAL" means a person who:

1. Has a physical or mental impairment that, on a permanent or temporary basis, substantially limits one or more major life activities;

2. Has a record of such an impairment; or

3. Is regarded as having such an impairment as those terms that are further defined in Department of Transportation Regulations, 14 CFR section 382.5.

"EVENT(S)" means the activity CUSTOMER has willingly requested to participate in, either directly or indirectly serviced by SUPPLIER;

"FLIGHT" means a flight described in the Schedule;

"PASSENGER" means any person, individual, and/or entity that has purchased and/or scheduled an EVENT, or is scheduled to participate in or be a PASSENGER during an EVENT, or any person, except members of the aircraft's crew, carried or to be carried by CARRIER with SUPPLIER's knowledge and consent. A person shall cease to be a PASSENGER when that person's movements are no longer governed by CARRIER's air operations. A person who is identified at any time or in any way as a knowing participant in the commission of a War Risk Occurrence (as defined in applicable insurance provisions) shall not be considered a PASSENGER for the purposes of the AGREEMENT;


1. With respect to accompanying or meeting a traveler, use of ground transportation, using terminal facilities or obtaining information about schedules, fares or policies, takes those actions necessary to avail himself or herself of facilities or services offered by SUPPLIER to the general public, with best effort provided by CARRIER;

2. With respect to obtaining a reservation from SUPPLIER for air transportation on CARRIER, offers or makes a good faith attempt to offer to purchase or otherwise validly obtain a reservation or ticket;

3. With respect to obtaining air transportation or other services or accommodations, as provided by Department of Transportation regulations on Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel, 14 CFR Part 382:

a. Purchases or possesses a valid reservation or ticket for air transportation on CARRIER and presents himself or herself at the airport for the purpose of traveling on the flight for which the ticket has been purchased or obtained;

b. Meets reasonable, nondiscriminatory AGREEMENT requirements applicable to all passengers; and

c. Whose CARRIAGE will not violate the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations or, in the reasonable expectation of CARRIER's personnel, jeopardize the safe completion of the flight or the health or safety of any person.

"SCHEDULE" means the schedule to this Agreement;

"SUPPLIER" means MCPC LLC, its parent, subsidiary, related, and affiliate companies and the Authority.

1.2 APPLICABILITY. The Terms and Conditions set forth apply exclusively to the use of our website and to the purchase or use of any of the products or services provided by SUPPLIER.

1.3 ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By entering and using the website, purchasing products/services operated or contracted by SUPPLIER, and/or utilizing products/services provided by SUPPLIER you are deemed to have read, accepted and are bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or any part of them, you should not use the website, purchase the products/services provided by SUPPLIER or any of its affiliates, or utilize the products/services provided by SUPPLIER or any of its affiliates.

1.4 MODIFICATIONS TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. SUPPLIER may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Your continued use of SUPPLIER website, purchase or use of any SUPPLIER product or service following such change demonstrates your agreement of the modified Terms and Conditions.

1.5 HEADINGS. The headings used in the AGREEMENT are intended for convenience only and in no way define, limit or describe the scope or substance of any provisions of this document.

1.6 SCOPE. This contract applies to and governs only with respect to SUPPLIER's air transportation services. No agent, employee or representative of SUPPLIER has authority to change or waive any legal provision of this AGREEMENT. This does not apply to the PASSENGER Aircraft Charter QUOTATION and SCHEDULE. If any provision of this AGREEMENT shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect. The failure to exercise any right provided herein shall not be deemed to waive any right hereunder of any person party to this AGREEMENT.

1.7 GOVERNMENT LAWS AND REGULATIONS. All transportation is sold and all CARRIAGE is performed under and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those of the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation and Transportation Security Administration, and all applicable Conventions, special contracts, treaties and tariffs, many of which are not specified herein but are nevertheless binding on CARRIER and all PASSENGERs.

1.8 SMOKING. Smoking aboard or near CARRIER aircraft is strictly prohibited. Smoking within any designated non-smoking area on or around the airport premises is also strictly prohibited.

1.9 INSPECTION OF PASSENGERS AND PROPERTY. Baggage tendered for CARRIAGE either as checked baggage or as carry-on baggage is subject to inspection for security purposes. PASSENGERS and their baggage are subject to inspection (security screening) with an electronic detector or otherwise with or without the PASSENGER consent or knowledge.

1.10 GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION. Each CUSTOMER must present government-issued photo identification before boarding CARRIER aircraft; such identity document should match your name as it appears on the passenger reservation list. Failure to provide this type of identification could lead to delay in boarding or to denial of boarding without right to any refund.

1.11 FIREARMS. CARRIER will refuse to accept for CARRIAGE any firearms and ammunition, unless passenger is an armed official and displays proof of identity as an armed law enforcement official to any representative of CARRIER.

1.12. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND DANGEROUS GOODS. Federal law prohibits hazardous materials from being included in either Checked Baggage or Carry-on Baggage. SUPPLIER will accept no Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials for CARRIAGE on any EVENT.

1.13 RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. All PASSENGERS must agree to, sign and execute a RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT prior to boarding of CARRIER aircraft and/or participating in CARRIAGE, EVENT, or FLIGHT. Failure to agree to, sign and execute the provided RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY will result in denial of boarding with no right to any refund. The RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT will be presented to all PASSENGERS prior to boarding CARRIER aircraft.

2. Customer Conduct and Denial of Boarding

2.1 DENIAL OF BOARDING. CARRIER is free to deny boarding of any PASSENGER of any EVENT or any segment thereof, in its sole discretion, it deems necessary, subject to applicable law.

2.2 DRUG/ALCOHOL INFLUENCED PASSENGERS. Any PASSENGER perceived to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to or upon boarding an EVENT or any segment thereof may be denied permission to board, without right of refund to that PASSENGER and any of his/her companion PASSENGERs who elect not to proceed with that EVENT, or any segment thereof, as a result.

2.3 ABUSIVE/DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR. Any PASSENGER deemed to exhibit abusive or disruptive behavior prior to or upon boarding an EVENT, or any segment thereof, will be warned once that such behavior must stop, and if that PASSENGER continues such behavior, that PASSENGER may be denied permission to board, without right of refund, subject to applicable law.

2.4 ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. If CARRIER perceives any PASSENGER to be engaging in illegal activity of any kind during an EVENT, CARRIER may terminate such EVENT immediately, without right of refund, at an unscheduled location if necessary, at which time the PASSENGER(s) will be removed from the aircraft and law enforcement will be notified.

2.5 REFUSAL TO TRANSPORT. The following persons will be refused transportation on CARRIER:

A. A PASSENGER whose CARRIAGE on CARRIER must be denied in order to comply with this AGREEMENT, any government regulation or any governmental request for emergency transportation.

B. A PASSENGER whose CARRIAGE is reasonably deemed by CARRIER to be inadvisable or inappropriate due to special circumstances or concerns beyond the control of the CARRIER, including without limitation weather conditions, acts of God, force majeure, strikes, civil commotions, embargoes, and wars or other hostilities, whether actual, threatened or reported.

C. A PASSENGER who refuses to permit a search of his or her person or property for explosives or for concealed, deadly or dangerous weapons or other prohibited articles, or who refuses or is unable to provide government-issued photo identification.

D. A PASSENGER requiring medical oxygen for use on board of aircraft, or an incubator or hook-up for a respirator on board the aircraft, or a person who is traveling on a stretcher.

E. A QUALIFIED DISABLED INDIVIDUAL whose CARRIAGE may impair the safety of the flight or violate Federal Aviation Regulations. CARRIER may require that a QUALIFIED DISABLED INDIVIDUAL be accompanied by an attendant as a condition of being provided air transportation under the following circumstances:

1. A person who, because of a mental disability, is unable to comprehend or respond accordingly to safety instructions from CARRIER personnel, including but not limited to the safety briefing required by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations;

2. A person with a mobility impairment so severe that the person is unable to assist in his or her own evacuation of the aircraft;

3. A person who has both severe hearing and severe vision impairments to the extent that the person cannot establish a means of communication with CARRIER personnel adequate to permit transmission of the safety briefing required by FAA regulations;

4. If CARRIER determines that a person meeting the criteria of paragraph E.1, E.2 or E.3 of this Section must travel with an attendant contrary to the individual's self-assessment that he or she is capable of traveling independently, CARRIER will not charge for transportation of the attendant while accompanying such QUALIFIED DISABLED INDIVIDUAL. If because there is no seat available for the attendant, a disabled person with a confirmed reservation is unable to travel on his or her originally-scheduled flight, alternatively the disabled person, at his or her election, will be eligible for denied boarding compensation under Section XIII below. For purposes of determining whether a seat is available for an attendant, the attendant shall be deemed to have checked in at the same time as the disabled person; and/or

5. PASSENGERs are advised that, in accordance with Federal Regulations, the safe boarding or CARRIAGE of a QUALIFIED DISABLED INDIVIDUAL on Aircraft having Seating Capacity of 9 Seats or Less may not be possible under certain circumstances.

2.6 OTHER REFUSAL OR REMOVAL OF PASSENGERS OR DENIAL OF BOARDING. In addition to persons who may be refused transportation on CARRIER under Article 2.5 above, refusal to transport or removal of the following PASSENGERs may be necessary for the comfort and safety of the affected PASSENGER or other PASSENGERs:

A. Persons whose conduct is or has been known to be disorderly, abusive, offensive, threatening, intimidating, violent, or whose clothing is lewd, obscene, or patently offensive;

B. Persons who are unable to sit in the seat in the full upright position with the seat belt fastened;

C. Persons who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;

D. Persons who are known to have a contagious disease;

E. Persons who refuse to comply with instructions given by agents or representatives of CARRIER;

F. Persons who have an offensive odor, except where such condition is the result of a qualified disability;

G. Persons who are barefoot;

H. Persons who carry or have about their persons deadly or dangerous weapons, concealed or unconcealed; provided however, CARRIER will carry PASSENGERs who meet the qualifications and conditions established in applicable security programs or regulations;

I. Manacled persons in the custody of law enforcement personnel; persons brought to the airport in manacles; persons who resist being escorted; or escorted persons who express to CARRIER personnel objection to the flight;

J. Persons having a condition that becomes evident upon the person's arrival at the airport or check-in location, and the condition renders the person unacceptable for CARRIAGE; or

K. Persons who are unwilling or unable to abide by CARRIER's and FAA's no-smoking rules.

2.7 INFANTS AND SMALL CHILDREN TWO (2) YEARS OF AGE OR YOUNGER. SUPPLIER does not accept children two (2) years of age or less for CARRIAGE or any EVENT aboard any aircraft having nine (9) seats or less. Refer to CARRIER specific terms for restrictions and conditions regarding infants, small children, and use of child restraint seats.

2.8 UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. SUPPLIER does not accept unaccompanied children under the age of 18 for CARRIAGE or any EVENT aboard aircraft having nine (9) seats or less. Refer to CARRIER specific terms for restrictions and conditions regarding unaccompanied minor travel.

3. Schedules, Cancellations, Fares, Delays and Diversions

3.1 RESERVATIONS AND SCHEDULE. A reservation for space on a given EVENT is valid when the availability and allocation of such space is confirmed to CUSTOMER by SUPPLIER or by an authorized agent of SUPPLIER, is entered into SUPPLIER's reservation records, and valid payment information has been received and confirmed. No person shall be entitled to CARRIAGE without a valid, confirmed reservation. All reservations are non-transferable and non-assignable. Reservations may be used only by the PASSENGER(s) named on the reservation at the time the reservation is made. SUPPLIER reserves the right to refuse CARRIAGE to any person who has acquired a reservation in violation of this AGREEMENT, any applicable law or SUPPLIER's rules and regulations, or as otherwise set forth in this AGREEMENT.

3.2 REQUIRED NOTICE TO CONFIRM RESERVATIONS. All reservations require minimum five (5) hours notice prior to SCHEDULE time. All flight reservations are booked on a first-come-first served basis, and all reservations are subject to SCHEDULE availability.

3.3 CANCELATION PERIOD. Confirmed reservations, if not used, must be cancelled 72-hours prior to the scheduled departure time or the reservation and fare will be forfeited by passenger.

3.4 CHECK-IN TIME. All PASSENGERS must be present and check-in with a CARRIER representative inside SUPPLIER's operating facility at time of reservation. Failure to check-in at time of reservation time may result in cancellation of the SCHEDULE and forfeiture of payment made for EVENT.

3.5 RIGHT OF REFUSAL. CARRIER will refuse to honor any reservation when such action is reasonably deemed necessary to comply with applicable governmental regulations or requests or this AGREEMENT.

3.6 DISCOUNTED FARES. With the exception of involuntary refunds resulting from flight cancellation by CARRIER, all restricted-fare or discounted tickets on CARRIER, including gift cards, daily deals, vouchers, coupons, or any flight not purchased directly through CARRIER are non-refundable. All discounted fares are subject to taxes and fees, which may incur additional costs above and beyond that paid to obtain the discounted fare. CUSTOMER or PASSENGER, if applicable, is solely responsible for compensating CARRIER for the taxes and fees for any and all scheduled FLIGHT.

3.7 GROUND TRANSPORTATION. Ground transportation, unless purchased from Carrier as part of a travel or sightseeing package offered by CARRIER, is exclusively the responsibility of the PASSENGER or CUSTOMER, if applicable.

3.8 CANCELLATION OF FLIGHT FOR SAFETY/SECURITY/REGULATORY RELATED CONCERNS. CARRIER does not conduct flight operations into or during adverse weather. All flights are conducted at the discretion of the pilot-in-command. CARRIER may cancel a flight at any time or refuse to conduct a flight if CARRIER feels that safety or security will be compromised or the initiation/continuation of a flight would be against Federal, State, and/or local regulations or would adversely affect National Security.

3.9 FLIGHT CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS. If CARRIER cancels a flight, at the CUSTOMER's option, CARRIER will refund the flight portion of the fare, except when:

A. CUSTOMER is informed of the cancellation at least two weeks before the scheduled time of departure; or

B. CUSTOMER is informed of the cancellation between two weeks and one day before the scheduled time of departure and is offered re-routing or re-scheduling, allowing CUSTOMER to depart at another mutually agreeable date and time; or

C. CUSTOMER is informed of the cancellation less than one day before the scheduled time of departure and the cancellation is caused by breach of this AGREEMENT, or by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken by CARRIER, including but not limited to political instability, safety or security issues, weather disruption, labor disputes, failure or delay of air traffic control facilities, or safety of flight is in question.

4. Refunds

4.1 NON-REFUNDABILITY. Except as provided in Articles 3.9 and 4.2 of this AGREEMENT, all monies paid for FLIGHT (including all monies paid for optional services) are non-refundable.

4.2 INVOLUNTARY REFUNDS. Except as otherwise provided in Article 3.9 of this AGREEMENT or by applicable law, if OPERATOR cancels a flight, fails to operate a flight reasonably according to schedule or ceases to operate a route, OPERATOR shall, at CUSTOMER option, make a refund in respect of affected portion of the flight that has not been flown. The amount of refund shall be equal to the flight-portion of the paid fare minus any taxes, wages and/or other fees incured.

4.3 BEREAVEMENTS. In the case of a bereavement of an immediate family member (spouse, civil partner, mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild) within fourteen days of intended travel we will, upon application made as soon as reasonably practicable but in any event by the proposed date of travel and accompanied by a copy of the applicable death certificate, make a refund in accordance with Article 4.2 of this AGREEMENT.

ALG Avitation offers the following services:

ALG prides itself on delivering first-class cusomer service

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